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Nathalie Frapreau


While still a child in France, Nathalie intuitively recognized that her life purpose was to guide and assist in the healing of others.  Moving toward that goal, she came to United States to become a Registered Nurse. Throughout twenty years of her nursing career, she became adept at understanding cellular biology as well as a wide range of pathological conditions and treatments.

Feeling compelled to go beyond traditional medicine, Nathalie immersed herself in holistic approaches toward wellness.  She initially studied nutrition and Chinese medicine, but also sensed that she needed to go beyond these standard modalities of healing.  After being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in her late twenties, she began to explore the spiritual realm, as well as all forms of energy healing.

This led her to attend the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing, graduating in 2002.  She also trained in the Magical and Divine Energy Art of Vortex Healing.  In addition, she studied Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue, Medical Intuition (with Carolyn Myss), The Sage Method (with Isabeau Maxwell), and the Akashic Records (with Melissa Feick and Linda Howes).

Nathalie feels that her true calling is guiding others toward Healing and Realigning with the Soul.  She has been in practice for over 18 years, and she will safely guide and facilitate you through your personal healing journey.

Meet Your Healer

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