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Connect with Your Soul


Private healing session

Each private healing session last about 1 hour. After getting acquainted with each other, and setting the intentions for the healing, you will receive a powerful transmission for about 30-40minutes.  This pure energy will deeply clear lower vibrations in your physical body and energy system of this current life as well as prior past lives that remain imprinted in your energy system.  We will then complete the session with a brief exchange.

As previously mentioned, this type of work is a gradual process, one session generally will not clear all unproductive energy.

Sessions can be in person or remote.

Call or email to schedule your appointment.

For french speaking

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For english speaking

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Group Healing


The group healing is similar and as effective as private sessions. It is a virtual event, limited to ten participants.

For our next group healing, our intention will be self-love and we will be inviting Archangel Chamuel and his team.

- Wednesday February 13, 2024, 6pm-7pm in English language

 - Wednesday February 20, 2024, 2.30pm-3.30pm in French language.

Registration required in order to participate. 

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Chakras are centers of energy within the Human Energy System. They function as windows of the Soul. Each of the seven chakras act as a gateway to an aspect of our physical, emotional, spiritual wellness.

This class will include:

- Insights on how each of the seven chakras act as a gateway to a specific area of life.

- Practices to strengthen the flow of energy within the chakras.

- Personal reading of your chakras.

Next class will take place at Dr Moore's office located in Morristown on March 3, 2024 from 2pm to 3.30pm. $10. Call or e-mail for registration.  space is limited.



In our time together, we will discover our spiritual guides and how we can channel their wisdom and knowledge through writing.

Some of the key points we will discuss:

- Why channel our spiritual guides.

- Whom do we channel?

- Channeling through writing.

- Tips and pitfalls on how to channel.

This class will take place at the Mount Olive library on Wednesday April 10, 2024 at 6pm.

Registration takes place at the library. Free of charge.

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